Anastomosis of the transected end of one ureter into the intact contralateral ureter, by direct or elliptical end-to-side technique. See ureteroureterostomy. SYN: transureteroureteral anastomosis.

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trans·ure·tero·ure·ter·os·to·my .tran(t)s-yu̇-.rēt-ə-.rō-yu̇-.rēt-ə-'räs-tə-mē, .tranz- n, pl -mies anastomosis of a ureter to the contralateral ureter

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trans·ure·tero·ure·ter·os·to·my (trans″u-re″tər-o-u-re″tər-osґtə-me) urinary diversion consisting of anastomosis of the proximal portion of one ureter to the ureter of the opposite side.

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