1. [NA] A tonguelike projection of the cartilage of the auricle in front of the opening of the external acoustic meatus and continuous with the cartilage of this canal. SYN: antilobium, hircus (3). 2. See tragi (2). [G. tragos, goat, in allusion to the hairs growing on the part, like a goatee]
- accessory t. small nodules present at birth, anterior to the t., derived from first branchial arch remnants and often containing central cartilage.

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tra·gus 'trā-gəs n, pl tra·gi -.gī, -.jī a small projection in front of the external opening of the ear

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the projection of cartilage in the pinna of the outer ear that extends back over the opening of the external auditory meatus.

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tra·gus (traґgəs) pl. traґgi [L., from Gr. tragos goat] [TA] the cartilaginous projection anterior to the external opening of the ear. [TA] (in the pl.) hairs growing on the pinna of the external ear, especially on the cartilaginous projection anterior to the external opening.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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