1. Intraepithelial collection of lymphocytes forming a lymphoepithelial ring in the pharynx. 2. SYN: palatine t.. [L. tonsilla, a stake, in pl. the tonsils]
- cerebellar t. SYN: t. of cerebellum.
- t. of cerebellum [TA] a rounded lobule on the undersurface of each cerebellar hemisphere, continuous medially with the uvula of the cerebellar vermis. SYN: tonsilla cerebelli [TA], cerebellar t..
- eustachian t. SYN: tubal t..
- faucial t. SYN: palatine t..
- Gerlach t. SYN: tubal t..
- laryngeal tonsils SYN: laryngeal lymphoid nodules, under nodule.
- lingual t. [TA] a collection of lymphoid follicles on the posterior or pharyngeal portion of the dorsum of the tongue. SYN: tonsilla lingualis [TA].
- Luschka t. SYN: pharyngeal t..
- palatine t. [TA] a large oval mass of lymphoid tissue embedded in the lateral wall of the oral pharynx on either side between the pillars of the fauces. SYN: tonsilla palatina [TA], faucial t., t. (2), tonsilla.
- pharyngeal t. [TA] a collection of more or less closely aggregated lymphoid nodules on the posterior wall and roof of the nasopharynx, the hypertrophy of which constitutes the morbid condition called adenoids. SYN: tonsilla pharyngealis [TA], Luschka gland (1), Luschka t., third t., tonsilla adenoidea.
- submerged t. a faucial t. that is flat and lying below the level of the pillars of the fauces.
- third t. SYN: pharyngeal t..
- tubal t. [TA] a collection of lymphoid nodules near the pharyngeal opening of the auditory tube. SYN: tonsilla tubaria [TA], eustachian t., Gerlach t..

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ton·sil 'tän(t)-səl n
1 a) either of a pair of prominent masses of lymphoid tissue that lie one on each side of the throat between the anterior and posterior pillars of the fauces and are composed of lymph follicles grouped around one or more deep crypts and except for the exposed surface which is covered only by epithelium are surrounded by diffuse lymphoid tissue in a fibrous capsule called also palatine tonsil
2) a rounded prominence situated medially on the lower surface of each lateral hemisphere of the cerebellum

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a mass of lymphoid tissue on either side of the back of the mouth. It is concerned with protection against infection. The term usually refers to either of the palatine tonsils, but below the tongue is another pair, the lingual tonsils. See also adenoids.

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ton·sil (tonґsil) 1. a small rounded mass of tissue, especially lymphoid tissue. Called also tonsilla. 2. tonsilla palatina.

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