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  • hyperuracil thyminuria — An inherited disorder in which there are elevated levels of uracil and thymine in the urine; associated with a deficiency of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase and resultant impaired CNS function …   Medical dictionary

  • dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase — An enzyme in pyrimidine biosynthesis that reacts 5,6 dihydrouracil with NADP+ to form uracil and NADPH; it also acts on dihydrothymine; a deficiency of this enzyme can result in hyperuracil thyminuria. SYN: dihydrouracil dehydrogenase …   Medical dictionary

  • thymine — 5 Methyluracil; a constituent of thymidylic acid and DNA; elevated in hyperuracil thyminuria. t. deoxyribonucleoside SYN: thymidine. t. deoxyribonucleotide SYN: deoxythymidylic acid. t. nucleotide SYN: thymidylic acid. * * * thy·mine …   Medical dictionary

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