A clot in the cardiovascular systems formed during life from constituents of blood; it may be occlusive or attached to the vessel or heart wall without obstructing the lumen (mural t.). [L. fr. G. thrombos, a clot]
- agglutinative t. SYN: hyaline t..
- agonal t. a heart clot formed during the act of dying after prolonged heart failure.
- antemortem t. a clot formed in the circulation during life.
- ball t. an unattached, spherical antemortem t. found in the left or right atrium usually in certain cases of mitral stenosis.
- ball-valve t. ball t. intermittently occluding the mitral or tricuspid orifice.
- bile t. an intracanalicular deposit of bile, usually a result of obstruction to bile drainage.
- currant jelly t. SYN: postmortem t..
- fibrin t. a t. formed by repeated deposits of fibrin from the circulating blood; it usually does not completely occlude the vessel.
- globular t. one of a number of thrombi of varying size, from a pea to a walnut, within the heart cavity, connected by a delicate fibrinous network.
- hyaline t. a translucent colorless plug, partly or wholly filling a capillary or small artery or vein, formed by agglutination of red blood corpuscles. SYN: agglutinative t..
- infective t. a t. formed in septic phlebitis.
- laminated t. a t. formed gradually by clotting of the blood in successive layers.
- marantic t., marasmic t. a t. formed in cases of marasmus or general debility.
- mixed t. a laminated t., the layers of different ages being of different color or consistency. SYN: stratified t..
- mural t. a t. formed on and attached to a diseased patch of endocardium, not on a valve or on one side of a large blood vessel. SEE ALSO: parietal t..
- obstructive t. a t. due to obstruction in the vessel from compression or other cause.
- pale t. SYN: white t..
- parietal t. an arterial t. adhering to one side of the wall of the vessel. SEE ALSO: mural t..
- postmortem t. a clot formed within the heart or in a blood vessel after death, usually mainly red blood cells. SYN: currant jelly t..
- propagated t. creeping thrombosis.
- red t. a t. formed rapidly by the coagulation of stagnating blood, composed mainly of red blood cells rather than platelets.
- secondary t. a t. formed about an embolus as a nucleus.
- stratified t. SYN: mixed t..
- valvular t. a parietal t. that projects into the lumen of the vessel.
- white t. an opaque dull white t. composed essentially of blood platelets. SYN: pale t..

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throm·bus 'thräm-bəs n, pl throm·bi -.bī, -.bē a clot of blood formed within a blood vessel and remaining attached to its place of origin compare EMBOLUS

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a blood clot (see thrombosis).

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throm·bus (thromґbəs) pl. thromґbi [Gr. thrombos clot] a stationary blood clot along the wall of a blood vessel, frequently causing vascular obstruction. Some authorities differentiate thrombus formation from simple coagulation or clot formation. Cf. embolus.

Coronary artery thrombus in a patient with unstable angina; coronary angiography shows a globular thrombus (arrow) in the anterior interventricular branch of the left coronary artery at the level of, and extending into, the second diagonal branch.

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