Reversal of all of the abdominal and thoracic organs (situs inversus) except the heart which is still in its usual location on the left. This situation is far more of an anatomic mess than when all the organs including the heart are reversed to create a complete mirror image. Levocardia virtually always is associated with congenital heart disease (malformation of the heart or great vessels).
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Situs inversus of the other viscera but with the heart normally situated on the left; congenital cardiac lesions are commonly associated. [levo- + G. kardia, heart]

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le·vo·car·dia or Brit lae·vo·car·dia .lē-və-'kärd-ē-ə n normal position of the heart when associated with situs inversus of other abdominal viscera and usu. with structural defects of the heart itself

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le·vo·car·dia (le″vo-kahrґde-ə) [levo- + cardia] a term denoting the normal position of the heart, used when other viscera are transposed; cf. dextrocardia.

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