The property of certain gels of becoming less viscous when shaken or subjected to shearing forces and returning to the original viscosity upon standing ( e.g., synovial fluid, ferrous hydroxide gel); a characteristic of a system exhibiting a decrease in viscosity with an increase in the rate of shear, usually a function of time. SYN: reclotting phenomenon. [G. thixis, a touching, + trope, turning]

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thix·ot·ro·py thik-'sä-trə-pē n, pl -pies the property of various gels of becoming fluid when disturbed (as by shaking)
thixo·tro·pic .thik-sə-'trō-pik, -'träp-ik adj

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thix·ot·ro·py (thik-sotґrə-pe) [Gr. thixis a touch + -tropy] the property, exhibited by certain gels, of becoming fluid when shaken or otherwise agitated and then becoming semisolid again at rest. thixotropic adj

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