Pertain to anhidrosis, too little sweating. Hidrosis meaning sweating, so an-, too little + hidrosis = too little sweating.
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1. Relating to, or characterized by, anhidrosis. 2. SYN: antiperspirant (2). 3. Denoting a reduction or absence of sweat glands, characteristic of congenital ectodermal defect and a. ectodermal dysplasia. SYN: adiaphoretic.

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an·hi·drot·ic also an·hy·drot·ic or an·idrot·ic -'drät-ik adj tending to check sweating
anhidrotic also anhydrotic or anidrotic n an anhidrotic agent

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1. n. any drug that inhibits sweating, such as an anticholinergic drug.
2. adj. inhibiting sweating.

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an·hi·drot·ic (an″hĭ-drotґik) 1. pertaining to or characterized by anhidrosis. 2. antiperspirant.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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