test symbols

test symbols

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • test card — (test kahrd) a card printed with various letters or symbols, used in testing vision …   Medical dictionary

  • Test radius — The test radius (Rr) is a number used as an arithmetic convention established to simplify the determination of the proper test distance between a master and a work gear for a composite action test. It is used as a measure of the effective size of …   Wikipedia

  • test types — Letters of various sizes used to test visual acuity. Jaeger t. type of different sizes used for testing the acuity of near vision. point system t. a near vision test chart …   Medical dictionary

  • Lea test — A Lea test is a special visual acuity test that is tailored for children who do not yet know the alphabet which is normally used in eye charts. The optotypes (test symbols) are outlines of an apple, a house, a square, and a circle. The test was… …   Wikipedia

  • Draw-a-Scientist Test — Drawing from Chambers (1983) The Draw A Scientist Test (DAST) is an open ended projective test designed to investigate children s perceptions of the scientist. Originally developed by David Wade Chambers in 1983, the main purpose was to learn at… …   Wikipedia

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  • Man or boy test — The man or boy test was proposed by computer scientist Donald Knuth as a means of evaluating implementations of the ALGOL 60 programming language. The aim of the test was to distinguish compilers that correctly implemented recursion and non local …   Wikipedia

  • Queensland Core Skills Test — The Queensland Core Skills Test is a statewide test completed by all Queensland Year Twelve students who wish to be eligible for an OP and is optional (but beneficial) for Tertiary Rank students, ranks used to gain entrance into tertiary degrees… …   Wikipedia

  • Digit symbol substitution test — DSST is a neuropsychological test sensitive to brain damage, dementia, age and depression. It isn’t sensitive to the location of brain damage (except for damage comprising part of the visual field)[1]. It consists of (e.g. nine) digit symbol… …   Wikipedia

  • Chess symbols in Unicode — Font depictions of Unicode chess symbols (in the same order as the table). Top: Arial Unicode MS font. Bottom: Tahoma font. Chess symbols are part of Unicode. Instead of using images, one can represent chess pieces by symbols that are defined in… …   Wikipedia

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