Dilation of the previously existing small or terminal vessels of a part. SYN: angiotelectasis, angiotelectasia. [G. telos, end, + angeion, vessel, + ektasis, a stretching out]
- cephalo- oculocutaneous t. an angioma involving the skin of the face, orbit, meninges, and brain. SEE ALSO: Sturge-Weber syndrome.
- essential t. 1. localized capillary dilation of undetermined origin; 2. SYN: angioma serpiginosum.
- hereditary benign t. an autosomal dominant disorder in which the face, upper trunk, and arms develop telangiectasias.
- hereditary hemorrhagic t. [MIM*187300] a disease with onset usually after puberty, marked by multiple small telangiectases and dilated venules that develop slowly on the skin and mucous membranes; the face, lips, tongue, nasopharynx, and intestinal mucosa are frequent sites, and recurrent bleeding may occur; autosomal dominant inheritance, caused by mutation in the gene (ENG) encoding endoglin on chromosome 9q. SYN: Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome.
- t. lymphatica SYN: lymphangiectasis.
- t. macularis eruptiva perstans a disseminated eruption of telangiectases associated with erythematous and edematous macules.
- primary t. SYN: angioma serpiginosum.
- secondary t. t. related to a known cause of prolonged dermal vascular dilation such as sunlight, varicose veins, and connective tissue diseases; often associated with atrophy of the skin.
- spider t. SYN: spider angioma.
- t. verrucosa SYN: angiokeratoma.

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tel·an·gi·ec·ta·siaē-.ek-'tā-zh(ē-)ə, .tēl-, təl- or tel·an·gi·ec·ta·sis -'ek-tə-səs n, pl -ta·sias or -ta·ses -tə-.sēz
1) an abnormal dilation of red, blue, or purple superficial capillaries, arterioles, or venules typically located just below the skin's surface (as on the face) see spider vein
tel·an·gi·ec·tat·ic -.ek-'tat-ik adj

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tel·an·gi·ec·ta·sia (tə-lan″je-ək-taґzhə) [tele- + angi- + ectasia] permanent dilation of preexisting small blood vessels (capillaries, arterioles, venules) to form focal, discolored lesions, usually in the skin or mucous membranes. See also capillary fragility, under fragility. Called also telangiectasis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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