1. Refined molasses; the uncrystallizable saccharine solution left after the refining of sugar. 2. Any sweet fluid; a solution of sugar in water in any proportion. 3. A liquid preparation of medicinal or flavoring substances in a concentrated aqueous solution of a sugar, usually sucrose; other polyols, such as glycerin or sorbitol, may be present to retard crystallization of sucrose or to increase the solubility of added ingredients. When the s. contains a medicinal substance, it is termed a medicated s.; although a s. tends (due to its very high [approximately 85%] sucrose content) to resist mold or bacterial contamination, a s. may contain antimicrobial agents to prevent bacterial and mold growth. SYN: sirup, syrupus. [Mod. L. syrupus, fr. Ar. sharab]
- ipecac s. a sweetened liquid medicinal preparation containing powdered ipecac extract, which contains the alkaloids emetine and cephaline; used as an emetic in certain cases of poisoning and (at lower doses) as an expectorant.

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syr·up also sir·up 'sər-əp, 'sir-əp n a thick sticky liquid consisting of a concentrated solution of sugar and water with or without the addition of a flavoring agent or medicinal substance <\syrup of codeine>
syr·upy or sir·upy adj

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syr·up (sirґəp) [L. syrupus, from Arabic sharāb] 1. a concentrated solution of a sugar, such as sucrose, in water or other aqueous liquid, sometimes with a medicinal agent added. 2. more generally, any liquid dosage form in a sweet and viscid vehicle, including oral suspensions. [NF] 3. a solution of sucrose in purified water, used as a flavored vehicle in pharmaceutical preparations.

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