Inflammation of a synovial membrane, especially that of a joint; in general, when unqualified, the same as arthritis. [synovia + G. -itis, inflammation]
- bursal s. SYN: bursitis.
- chronic hemorrhagic villous s. SYN: pigmented villonodular s..
- dry s. s. with little serous or purulent effusion. SYN: s. sicca.
- filarial s. synovial inflammation often followed by fibrotic ankylosis due to microfilariae in the joint.
- pigmented villonodular s. diffuse outgrowths of synovial membrane of a joint, usually the knee, composed of synovial villi and fibrous nodules infiltrated by hemosiderin- and lipid-containing macrophages and multinucleated giant cells; the condition may be inflammatory, although recurrence is likely to follow incomplete removal. SYN: chronic hemorrhagic villous s..
- purulent s. SYN: suppurative arthritis.
- serous s. s. with a large effusion of nonpurulent fluid.
- s. sicca SYN: dry s..
- suppurative s. SYN: suppurative arthritis.

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sy·no·vi·tis .sī-nə-'vīt-əs n inflammation of a synovial membrane usu. with pain and swelling of the joint

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inflammation of the membrane (synovium) that lines a joint capsule, resulting in pain and swelling (arthritis). It is caused by injury, infection, or rheumatic disease. Treatment depends on the underlying cause; to determine this, samples of the synovial fluid or membrane are taken for examination.

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syno·vi·tis (sin″o-viґtis) inflammation of a synovium; it is usually painful, particularly on motion, and is characterized by a fluctuating swelling due to effusion within a synovial sac. Some types are named for accompanying tissue changes, such as fibrinous, hyperplastic, or lipomatous synovitis; others are named for accompanying disease processes or complications, such as gonorrheal, metritic, puerperal, rheumatic, scarlatinal, syphilitic, or tuberculous synovitis.

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