Lacrimal gland

Lacrimal gland
A small almond-shaped structure that produces tears; located just above the outer corner of the eye. The lacrimal gland is part of the lacrimal apparatus, the system that forms tears, conveys them through the lacrimal (tear) duct to the eye, and drains the tears. The word "lacrimal" comes from the Indo-European and Greek "dakru" meaning "a tear, as from a weeping eye." "Lacrimal" is sometimes spelled "lachrymal."

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lacrimal gland n an acinous gland that is about the size and shape of an almond, secretes tears, and is situated laterally and superiorly to the bulb of the eye in a shallow depression on the inner surface of the frontal bone called also tear gland

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glandula lacrimalis.

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