1. Likelihood of an individual to develop ill effects from an external agent, such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, high altitude, or ambient temperature. 2. In magnetic resonance imaging, the loss of magnetization signal caused by rapid phase dispersion because of marked local inhomogeneity of the magnetic field, as with the multiple air–soft tissue interfaces in the lung.

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sus·cep·ti·bil·i·ty sə-.sep-tə-'bil-ət-ē n, pl -ties
1) the quality or state of being susceptible: the state of being predisposed to, sensitive to, or of lacking the ability to resist something (as a pathogen, familial disease, or a drug): SENSITIVITY
2 a) the ratio of the magnetization in a substance to the corresponding magnetizing force see PARAMAGNETIC
b) the ratio of the electric polarization to the electric intensity in a polarized dielectric

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lack of resistance to disease. It is partly a reflection of general health but is also influenced by vaccination or other methods of increasing resistance to specific diseases.

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sus·cep·ti·bil·i·ty (sə-sep″tĭ-bilґĭ-te) 1. the state of being readily affected or acted upon. 2. diminished immunity to a disease, especially an infection.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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