A cut. All that is required to care for most cuts is to wash them with soap and water and keep them clean and dry. Putting alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine onto cuts can delay healing and should be avoided. Seek medical care early if you think that the cut may need stitches. Any delay can increase the rate of wound infection.
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1. A torn or jagged wound, or an accidental cut wound. 2. The process or act of tearing the tissues. [L. lacero, pp. -atus, to tear to pieces]
- scalp l. a tear of the dermis or underlying tissues and galea aponeurotica of the scalp.
- through-and-through l. a l. that penetrates two surfaces of a structure, generally restricted to skin or mucosal surfaces, such as the cheek, lip, ala nasi, pinna, etc.

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lac·er·a·tion .las-ə-'rā-shən n
1) the act of lacerating
2) a torn and ragged wound

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a tear in the flesh producing a wound with irregular edges.

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lac·er·a·tion (las″ər-aґshən) [L. laceratio] 1. the act of tearing. 2. a torn, ragged, mangled wound.

Medical dictionary. 2011.


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