A lip. Labium is the singular of the Latin neuter noun meaning "a lip." The plural is labia.
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1. SYN: lip. 2. Any lip-shaped structure. [L.]
- l. anterius ostii uteri [TA] SYN: anterior lip of external os of uterus.
- l. externum cristae iliacae [TA] SYN: outer lip of iliac crest.
- l. inferius oris [TA] SYN: lower lip.
- l. internum cristae iliacae [TA] SYN: inner lip of iliac crest.
- l. laterale lineae asperae [TA] SYN: lateral lip of linea aspera.
- l. limbi tympanicum laminae spiralis ossei SYN: tympanic lip of spiral limbus.
- l. limbi tympanicum limbi spiralis ossei [TA] SYN: tympanic lip of spiral limbus.
- l. limbi vestibulare laminae spiralis ossei SYN: vestibular lip of spiral limbus.
- l. limbi vestibulare limbi spiralis ossei [TA] SYN: vestibular lip of spiral limbus.
- l. majus [TA] one of two rounded folds of integument forming the lateral boundaries of the pudendal cleft. The labia majora are the female homolog of the scrotum. SYN: l. majus pudendi [TA], large pudendal lip.
- l. majus pudendi, pl.labia majora [TA] SYN: l. majus.
- l. mediale lineae asperae [TA] SYN: medial lip of linea aspera.
- l. minus [TA] one of two narrow longitudinal folds of mucous membrane enclosed in the pudendal cleft within the labia majora; posteriorly, they gradually merge into the labia majora and join to form the frenulum labiorum pudendi (fourchette); anteriorly, each l. divides into two portions that unite with those of the opposite side in front of the glans clitoridis to form the prepuce. SYN: l. minus pudendi, small pudendal lip.
- l. minus pudendi, pl.labia minora SYN: l. minus.
- labia oris [TA] SYN: lips of mouth, under lip. See lip (1).
- l. posterius ostii uteri [TA] SYN: posterior lip of external os of uterus.
- l. superius oris [TA] SYN: upper lip.
- l. urethrae one of the two lateral margins of the external urethral orifice of the female.
- labia uteri anterior lip of external os of uterus, posterior lip of external os of uterus.
- l. vocale, pl.labia vocalia SYN: vocal fold.

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la·bi·um 'lā-bē-əm n, pl la·bia
1) any of the folds at the margin of the vulva compare LABIA MAJORA, LABIA MINORA
2) a lower mouthpart of an insect that is formed by the second pair of maxillae united in the midline

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n. (pl. labia)
a lip-shaped structure, especially either of the two pairs of skin folds that enclose the vulva. The larger outer pair are known as the labia majora and the smaller inner pair the labia minora.

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la·bi·um (laґbe-əm) pl. laґbia [L.] 1. lip. 2. a term used in anatomical nomenclature for a liplike structure. 3. (in the pl.) the labia majora and minora pudendi. See also limbus and margo.

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