Erythema with or without blistering caused by exposure to critical amounts of ultraviolet light, usually within the range of 260–320 nm in sunlight (UVB). SYN: erythema solare.

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sun·burn -.bərn vt, sun·burned -.bərnd or sun·burnt -.bərnt; sun·burn·ing to affect with sunburn <\sunburned skin>
sunburn n inflammation of the skin caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation esp. from sunlight called also erythema solare

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damage to the skin by excessive exposure to the sun's rays, principally UVB (ultraviolet B), at wavelengths of 290-320 nm. Sunburn may vary from reddening of the skin to the development of large painful fluid-filled blisters, which may cause shock if they cover a large area (see burn). Fair-skinned red-haired people are more susceptible to sunburn than others. Severe sunburn in childhood is a risk factor for the development of malignant melanoma in later life.

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sun·burn (sunґburn″) a type of radiation burn to the skin, with erythema, tenderness, and sometimes blistering, following excessive exposure to sunlight; it is produced by ultraviolet rays that are not filtered out by clouds or water. Persons with lighter-colored skin are usually more susceptible.

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