An element, atomic no. 16, atomic wt. 32.066, that combines with oxygen to form s. dioxide (SO2) and s. trioxide (SO3), and these with water to make strong acids, and with many metals and nonmetallic elements to form sulfides; mildly laxative; has been used to treat rheumatism, gout, and bronchitis, and externally in the treatment of skin diseases. SYN: brimstone. [L. s., brimstone, s.]
- s. dioxide SO2; a colorless, nonflammable gas with a strong, suffocating odor; a powerful reducing agent used to prevent oxidative deterioration of food and medicinal products. SEE ALSO: sulfurous acid. SYN: sulfurous oxide.
- s. iodide has been used in the treatment of certain skin diseases.
- liver of s. SYN: sulfurated potash.
- precipitated s. sublimed s. boiled with lime water, the lime being removed from the precipitate by washing with diluted hydrochloric acid; used in preparing s. ointment and in the treatment of various skin disorders. SYN: lac sulfuris, milk of s..
- roll s. sublimed s. melted and cast in cylindrical molds; sometimes called brimstone.
- soft s. an allotropic form obtained by dropping very hot melted s. into water; it is then temporarily of a viscid or waxy consistency.
- sublimed s. used in preparing s. ointment and in the treatment of various skin disorders. SYN: flowers of s..
- s. trioxide SO3; forms sulfuric acid, H2SO4, by its reaction with water. SYN: sulfuric oxide.
- washed s. sublimed s. macerated in diluted ammonia water to remove the free acid; same therapeutic uses as sublimed s..
- wettable s. s. prepared from calcium polysulfide solution containing a protective colloid such as casein; it is easily dispersed and suspended in water.

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sul·fur or chiefly Brit sul·phur 'səl-fər n a nonmetallic element that occurs either free or combined esp. in sulfides and sulfates, is a constituent of proteins, exists in several allotropic forms including yellow orthorhombic crystals, resembles oxygen chemically but is less active and more acidic, and is used esp. in the chemical and paper industries, in rubber vulcanization, and in medicine for treating skin diseases symbol S see ELEMENT (table)
sulfur or chiefly Brit sulphur adj of, relating to, or resembling sulfur: containing or impregnated with sulfur

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sul·fur (S) (sulґfər) [L.] a nonmetallic element existing in many allotropic forms; atomic number, 16; atomic weight, 32.064. It occurs in protein, being a constituent of the amino acids cysteine and methionine. Sulfur is a laxative and diaphoretic and is used in diseases of the skin; it formerly was used for a variety of other medicinal purposes.

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