A chain of segments, less the scolex and unsegmented neck portion, of a tapeworm; in the monozoic tapeworms (subclass Cestodaria and some members of the subclass Cestoda), it may consist of a single proglottid. [G. stobile, a twist of lint]

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stro·bi·la strō-'bī-lə, 'strō-bə- n, pl -lae -(.)lē a linear series of similar animal structures (as the segmented body of a tapeworm) produced by budding
stro·bi·lar -'bī-lər; -bə-lər, -.lär adj

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n. (pl. strobilae)
the entire chain of segments that make up the body of an adult tapeworm.

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stro·bi·la (stro-biґlə) pl. strobiґlae [L., from Gr. strobilos anything twisted up] 1. the chain of proglottids constituting the bulk of the body of adult tapeworms; considered by some to include the entire body, including the head, neck, and proglottids. 2. The chain of individuals produced by strobilation, such as the series of buds produced at the oral end of the body of certain jellyfish, which during the process of formation somewhat resemble a pile of plates; each bud is released to form an immature, free-swimming jellyfish.

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