1. An individual organism of the class Sporozoea. SYN: sporozoon. 2. Relating to the Sporozoea.

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spo·ro·zo·an .spōr-ə-'zō-ən, .spȯr- n any protozoan of the class Sporozoa
sporozoan adj

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spo·ro·zo·an (spor″o-zoґən) [sporo- + Gr. zōon animal] 1. any protozoon of the class Sporozoea. 2. any of a large group of protozoa that form spores; phyla of medical or veterinary significance include Apicomplexa, Microspora, and Myxozoa. Called also sporozoon. 3. pertaining or relating to the protozoa in these groups.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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