Embryonic layer formed by association of the parietal layer of the lateral plate mesoderm with the ectoderm. [somato- + G. pleura, side]

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so·ma·to·pleure sō-'mat-ə-.plu̇(ə)r, 'sō-mət-ə- n a complex fold of tissue in the embryo of craniate vertebrates that consists of an outer layer of mesoderm together with the ectoderm ensheathing it and that gives rise to the amnion and chorion compare SPLANCHNOPLEURE
so·ma·to·pleu·ric sō-.mat-ə-'plu̇r-ik, .sō-mət-ə- adj

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the body wall of the early embryo, which consists of a simple layer of ectoderm lined with mesoderm. The amnion is a continuation of this structure outside the embryo. Compare splanchnopleure.

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so·mato·pleure (so-matґo-ploor) [somato- + Gr. pleura side] the embryonic body wall, formed by ectoderm and somatic mesoderm. somatopleural adj

Somatopleure and splanchnopleure on transverse section through embryonic disc of a 21-day embryo.

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