An abnormal chromosome with two identical arms due to duplication of one arm and loss of the other arm. (Found in some girls with Turner syndrome and in tumors.)
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A chromosomal aberration that arises as a result of transverse rather than longitudinal division of the centromere during meiosis; two daughter chromosomes are formed, each lacking one chromosome arm but with the other doubled.

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iso·chro·mo·some -'krō-mə-.sōm, -.zōm n a chromosome produced by transverse splitting of the centromere so that both arms are from the same side of the centromere, are of equal length, and possess identical genes

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iso·chro·mo·some (i″so-kroґmə-sōm) [iso- + chromosome] an abnormal chromosome having a median centromere and two identical arms, probably formed by the transverse, rather than the normal longitudinal separation of the centromere of the replicating chromosome. See illustration at aberration.

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