A helical coil of wire energized electrically to produce a magnetic field, which induces a current in any conductor placed within or near the coil.

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so·le·noid (soґlə-noid) [Gr. sōlēnoeidēs pipe-shaped, from sōlēn pipe] 1. a coil of insulated wire in which a magnetic field is produced by a flow of electric current. 2. a coil surrounding a movable iron core that is pulled in when the coil is energized. It can be used to perform some mechanical work, such as opening a valve, or as a switch. 3. a model for the higher order structure of eukaryotic DNA, formed by supercoiling of nucleosomes, each turn containing approximately six nucleosomes, and constituting the characteristic 30-nm chromatin fiber; the solenoids in turn make up the chromatin loops of the condensed chromosome.

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