SYN: disease (1).
- acute African sleeping s. SYN: Rhodesian trypanosomiasis.
- aerial s. SYN: altitude s..
- African sleeping s. Gambian trypanosomiasis, Rhodesian trypanosomiasis.
- air s. a form of motion s. caused by flying in an airplane.
- altitude s. a syndrome caused by low inspired oxygen pressure (as at high altitude) and characterized by nausea, headache, dyspnea, malaise, and insomnia; in severe instances, pulmonary edema and adult respiratory distress syndrome can occur; SYN: Acosta disease, mountain s., puna, soroche. SYN: aerial s., altitude disease.
- balloon s. a form of altitude s. occurring in someone as a result of ascent in a balloon.
- black s. SYN: visceral leishmaniasis.
- caisson s. disease caused by rapid decompression; so named since it appeared in workers building tunnels or supports for bridges working in enclosed units under high atmospheric pressure to keep out surrounding water, called caissons. See decompression s..
- car s. a form of motion s. caused by riding on a train or in an automobile or bus.
- cave s. histoplasmosis acquired by inhalation of organism Histoplasma capulatum in caves (while spelunking) or mine shafts containing bird roosts or bats, prime conditions for growth of the organisms.
- chronic African sleeping s. SYN: Gambian trypanosomiasis.
- chronic mountain s. loss of high altitude tolerance after prolonged exposure ( e.g., by residence), characterized by extreme polycythemia, exaggerated hypoxemia, and reduced mental and physical capacity; relieved by descent. SYN: altitude erythremia, chronic soroche, Monge disease.
- decompression s. a symptom complex caused by the escape from solution in the body fluids of nitrogen bubbles absorbed originally at high atmospheric pressure, as a result of abrupt reduction in atmospheric pressure (either rapid ascent to high altitude or return from a compressed-air environment); it is characterized by headache, pain in the arms, legs, joints, and epigastrium, itching of the skin, vertigo, dyspnea, coughing, choking, vomiting, weakness and sometimes paralysis, and severe peripheral circulatory collapse; bone infarcts can occur from bubbles in nutrient vessels leading to long-term consequences. SEE ALSO: caisson s.. SYN: caisson disease, decompression disease, diver's palsy.
- East African sleeping s. SYN: Rhodesian trypanosomiasis.
- falling s. SYN: epilepsy.
- green s. SYN: chlorosis.
- green tobacco s. an illness of tobacco harvest workers characterized by headache, dizziness, and vomiting.
- Indian s. SYN: epidemic gangrenous proctitis.
- Jamaican vomiting s. SYN: ackee poisoning.
- milk s. a disease of humans caused by ingesting contaminated milk from cows suffering from trembles; clinical manifestations include severe vomiting, labored breathing, delirium, convulsions, coma, and death; recovery from nonlethal illness is slow. SYN: lactimorbus.
- morning s. the nausea and vomiting of early pregnancy. SYN: morning vomiting, nausea gravidarum.
- motion s. the syndrome of pallor, nausea, weakness, and malaise, which may progress to vomiting and incapacitation, caused by stimulation of the semicircular canals during travel or motion as on a boat, plane, train, car, swing, or rotating amusement ride. SYN: kinesia.
- mountain s. SYN: altitude s..
- radiation s. a systemic condition caused by substantial whole-body irradiation, seen after nuclear explosions or accidents, rarely after radiotherapy. Manifestations depend on dose, ranging from anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and mild leukopenia, to thrombocytopenia with hemorrhage, severe leukopenia with infection, anemia, central nervous system damage, and death. SYN: radiation poisoning.
- sea s. motion s. occurring in boat travelers.
- serum s. an immune complex disease appearing some days (usually 1–2 weeks) after injection of a foreign serum or serum protein, with local and systemic reactions such as urticaria, fever, general lymphadenopathy, edema, arthritis, and occasionally albuminuria or severe nephritis; originally described in patients receiving serotherapy. The term is sometimes used for clinically similar allergic reactions to drugs. SYN: serum disease, serum reaction.
- sleeping s. Gambian trypanosomiasis, Rhodesian trypanosomiasis.
- space s. dizziness as result of changes in inner ear resulting from absence of gravity. SYN: physiologic vertigo.
- West African sleeping s. SYN: Gambian trypanosomiasis.

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sick·ness 'sik-nəs n
1) the condition of being ill: ill health
2) a specific disease

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sick·ness (sikґnis) disease.

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