SYN: diaphysis. [A.S. sceaft]
- s. of clavicle [TA] the elongated, rodlike body of the clavicle. SYN: corpus claviculae [TA], body of clavicle.
- s. of femur [TA] the cylindrical s. of the thigh bone. SYN: corpus ossis femoris [TA], body of femur, body of thigh bone, corpus femoris.
- s. of fibula [TA] the body of fibula; of the fibula elongated, rod-like portion which accounts for most of its length. SYN: corpus fibulae [TA], body of fibula.
- hair s. the non-growing portion of a hair which protrudes from the skin, i.e., from the follicle. SYN: scapus pili.
- s. of humerus [TA] the elongated rodlike portion of the humerus between the surgical neck proximally and the emergence of the supracondylar ridges distally. SYN: corpus humeri [TA], body of humerus.
- s. of metacarpal [TA] the elongated, rodlike portion of the metacarpal bone. SYN: corpus metacarpale [TA], body of metacarpal.
- s. of metatarsal [TA] the elongated, rodlike portion of the metatarsal bone. SYN: corpus metatarsale [TA], body of metatarsal.
- s. of phalanx [TA] the s. of each phalanx of the hand or foot. SYN: corpus phalangis [TA], body of phalanx.
- s. of radius [TA] the triangular body of the radius located between the expanded proximal and distal extremities of the bone. SYN: corpus radii [TA], body of radius.
- s. of tibia [TA] the triangular body of tibia between its expanded proximal and distal ends. SYN: corpus tibiae [TA], body of tibia.
- s. of ulna [TA] the s. of the ulna between the proximal extremity and the head. SYN: corpus ulnae [TA], body of ulna.
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sad, hostile, anxious, frustrating, tenacious [patient]

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shaft 'shaft n, pl shafts 'shaf(t)s a long slender cylindrical body or part: as
a) the cylindrical part of a long bone between the enlarged ends

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(shaft) a long slender part, such as the diaphysis of a long bone. Called also scapus [TA].

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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