1. The outermost coat or serous layer of a visceral structure that lies in the body cavities of the abdomen or thorax; it consists of a surface layer of mesothelium reinforced by irregular fibroelastic connective tissue. 2. The outermost of the extraembryonic membranes that encloses the embryo and all its other membranes; it consists of somatopleure, i.e., ectoderm reinforced by somatic mesoderm; the s. of mammalian embryos is frequently called the trophoderm. SYN: membrana s. (2). SEE ALSO: chorion. SYN: tunica s. [TA], serous coat, membrana s. (1), serous membrane, serous tunic. [fem. of Mod. L. serosus, serous]
- s. of colon SYN: s. of large intestine.
- s. of esophagus [TA] serous coat of the abdominal part of the esophagus. SYN: tunica s. esophagi [TA].
- s. of gallbladder [TA] serous coat of the gallbladder; the visceral peritoneum covering the portions of the gallbladder not in direct contact with the liver. SYN: tunica s. vesicae biliaris [TA], tunica s. vesicae felleae.
- s. of large intestine [TA] serous coat of the colon; the visceral peritoneum of the large intestine. SYN: tunica s. intestini crassi [TA], s. of colon, tunica s. coli.
- s. of liver [TA] serous coat of the liver; peritoneal covering of the liver, enclosing almost all except for a triangular area on its posterior surface (the “bare area of the liver”) and a smaller area where the liver and gallbladder are in direct contact. SYN: tunica s. hepatis [TA].
- s. of parietal pleura [TA] glistening inner surface of the parietal pleura. SYN: tunica s. pleurae perietalis [TA].
- s. of peritoneum simple squamous epithelium that forms the glistening surface of the parietal and visceral layers of peritoneum. SYN: tunica s. peritonei [TA], serous coat of peritoneum, serous layer of peritoneum.
- s. of serous pericardium [TA] single layer of flat cells that lines the pericardial sac and heart; this layer, plus the subserous layer, constitute the serous pericardium. SYN: tunica s. pericardii serosi [TA].
- s. of small intestine [TA] serous coat of the small intestine; the peritoneal covering of the external surface of the small intestine. SYN: tunica s. intestini tenuis [TA].
- s. of the spleen [TA] visceral peritoneum covering the spleen. SYN: tunica s. splenis [TA].
- s. of stomach [TA] serous coat of the stomach; the visceral peritoneum covering the outer surface of the stomach. SYN: tunica s. gastricae [TA], tunica s. ventriculi.
- s. of (urinary) bladder [TA] serous coat of the urinary bladder; the visceral peritoneum covering the roof and lateral walls of the urinary bladder. SYN: tunica s. vesicae (urinariae) [TA].
- s. of uterine tube [TA] serous coat of the uterine tube; the visceral peritoneum forming the outer surface of the uterine tubes. SYN: tunica s. tubae uterinae [TA].
- s. of uterus [TA] serous coat of uterus; the visceral peritoneum covering the fundus and posterior body of the uterus. SYN: tunica s. uteri [TA].
- s. of visceral pleura [TA] single layer of flat cells lining and thus forming the glistening outermost surface of the lungs. SYN: tunica s. pleurae visceralis [TA].

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se·ro·sa sə-'rō-zə n, pl -sas also -sae -zē a usu. enclosing serous membrane <the peritoneal \serosa>

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se·ro·sa (sēr-oґsə) (sēr-oґzə) 1. tunica serosa. 2. chorion.

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