To penetrate. If an IV infiltrates, the IV fluid penetrates the surrounding tissue.
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1. To perform or undergo infiltration. 2. SYN: infiltration (2). 3. A cellular infiltration (1) in the lung as inferred from appearance of a localized, ill-defined opacity on a chest radiograph; commonly used to describe a shadow on a radiograph. [L. in + Mediev. L. filtro, pp. -atus, to strain through felt, fr. filtrum, felt]

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in·fil·trate in-'fil-.trāt, 'in-(.) vb, -trat·ed; -trat·ing vt
1) to cause (as a liquid) to permeate something by penetrating its pores or interstices <\infiltrate tissue with a local anesthetic>
2) to pass into or through (a substance) by filtering or permeating vi to enter, permeate, or pass through a substance or area
infiltrate n something that passes or is caused to pass into or through something by permeating or filtering esp a substance that passes into the bodily tissues and forms an abnormal accumulation <a lung \infiltrate>

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in·fil·trate (in-filґtrāt) 1. to penetrate the interstices of a tissue or substance. 2. the material or solution so deposited; called also infiltration.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

(into a porous substance), ,

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