1. SYN: hernia. 2. A solution of continuity or a tear; a break of any organ or other of the soft parts. [L. ruptura, a fracture (of limb or vein), fr. rumpo, pp. ruptus, to break]
- artificial membrane r. r. of the membranes induced by use of an amniohook or similar device.
- membrane r. r. of the amnionic sac allowing the amnionic fluid to escape through the vagina.
- premature membrane r. r. of the membranes before the onset of labor.
- preterm membrane r. r. of membranes before term (<37 weeks gestation).
- spontaneous membrane r. spontaneous r. of membranes, with or without associated labor.

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rup·ture 'rəp-chər n
1) the tearing apart of a tissue <\rupture of heart muscle> <\rupture of an intervertebral disk>
rupture vb, rup·tured; rup·tur·ing -chə-riŋ, -shriŋ vt to produce a rupture in <\rupture an eardrum> vi to have or undergo a rupture

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1. n. see hernia.
2. n. the bursting apart or open of an organ or tissue; for example, the splitting of the membranes enclosing an infant during childbirth.
3. vb. (of tissues, etc.) to burst apart or open.

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rup·ture (rupґchər) 1. forcible tearing or disruption of tissue. 2. to forcibly disrupt tissue. 3. hernia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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