A genus of fungi (class Zygomycetes, family Mucoraceae); some species cause mucormycosis in humans.

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rhi·zo·pus 'rī-zə-pəs n
1) cap a genus of fungi of the family Mucoraceae that have columellate hemispherical aerial sporangia formed in fascicles anchored to the substrate and tufts of rhizoids or root hyphae connected by stolons and that include a common bread mold (R. nigricans) and several forms found in phycomycoses of some mammals including humans
2) any fungus of the genus Rhizopus

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Rhi·zo·pus (riґzo-pəs) [rhizo- + Gr. pous foot] a genus of fungi of the family Mucoraceae, characterized by sporangiophores that arise from nodes at the point where the rhizoids are formed and by a hemispherical columella; it is widespread as a saprobe and a facultative parasite of fruits and vegetables.


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