Any virus of the genus R..
- bovine rhinoviruses viruses that cause widespread subclinical and occasionally mild clinical respiratory diseases of calves in the United States and Europe.
- equine rhinoviruses viruses that cause inapparent as well as mild to relatively severe upper respiratory tract disease in the United States and Europe; most prevalent in breeding stables, and associated with high morbidity but negligible mortality; all equine isolates are related serologically to the original isolate.

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rhi·no·vi·rus .rī-nō-'vī-rəs n any of a genus (Rhinovirus) of single-stranded RNA viruses of the family Picornaviridae including two species (Human rhinovirus A and Human rhinovirus B) and numerous serotypes currently unassigned to species that affect humans causing respiratory infections including the common cold

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any one of a group of RNA-containing viruses that cause respiratory infections resembling the common cold. They are included in the picornavirus group.

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Rhi·no·vi·rus (riґno-vi″rəs) [rhino- + virus] a genus of viruses of the family Picornaviridae that infect the upper respiratory tract and cause the common cold. Over 100 antigenically distinct types infect humans; bovine and equine rhinoviruses have also been isolated.

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