A cut. When making an incision, a surgeon is making a cut.
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A cut; a surgical wound; a division of the soft parts usually made with a knife. [L. incisio]
- bucket-handle i. a bilateral subcostal abdominal i..
- celiotomy i. an i. through the abdominal wall.
- chevron i. a bilateral subcostal i. in the abdomen, in the shape of an inverted “V”; used in upper abdominal procedures.
- clamshell i. i. made up of bilateral submammary anterior thoracotomies connected by a transverse sternotomy and providing access similar to that of a standard sternotomy. SEE ALSO: transverse thoracosternotomy. SYN: clamshell thoracotomy.
- collar i. a cervical i., placed a few cm above the sternal notch, that is frequently used for thyroid or parathyroid procedures.
- Deaver i. an i. in the right lower abdominal quadrant, with medial displacement of the rectus muscle.
- Dührssen incisions three surgical incisions of an incompletely dilated cervix, corresponding roughly to 2, 6, and 10 o'clock, used as a means of effecting immediate delivery of the fetus when there is an entrapped head during a breech delivery.
- endaural i. i. through the external auditory canal, avoiding cartilage, to permit mastoid surgery.
- Fergusson i. an i. used in maxillectomy, along the junction of the nose and cheek, and bisecting the upper lip.
- flank i. an i. usually made near and parallel to the 12th rib between the iliac crest and the rib.
- Kocher i. an i. several inches below and parallel with the right costal margin.
- lumbotomy i. SYN: posterior nephrectomy.
- McBurney i. an i. parallel with the course of the external oblique muscle, one or two inches cephalad to the anterior superior spine of the ilium.
- midline i. a vertical abdominal i. placed in the midline aponeurosis between the two sheaths of the rectus muscles of the abdomen.
- paramedian i. an i. lateral to the midline.
- Pfannenstiel i. an i. made transversely, and through the external sheath of the recti muscles, about an inch above the pubes, the muscles being separated at the midline in the direction of their fibers.
- postauricular i. an i. parallel and a few millimeters posterior to the retroauricular fold, made to gain access to the mastoid cortex.
- transmeatal i. an i. in the skin of the posterior external auditory canal that extends from just above the posterior malleolar fold to six o'clock inferiorly; for access to the posterior part of the middle ear.
- transverse abdominal i. an abdominal i. that is placed perpendicular to the axis of the rectus muscles of the abdomen.

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in·ci·sion in-'sizh-ən n
1) a cut or wound of body tissue made esp. in surgery
2) an act of incising something <the surgeon's \incision of the tissues>

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1. the surgical cutting of soft tissues, such as skin or muscle, with a knife or scalpel.
2. the cut so made.

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in·ci·sion (in-sizhґən) [L. incidere to cut open, to cut through] 1. a cut, or a wound produced by cutting with a sharp instrument. 2. the act of cutting.

Various abdominal incisions.

Medical dictionary. 2011.


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