Revival from potential or apparent death. [L. resuscitatio]
- cardiopulmonary r. (CPR) restoration of cardiac output and pulmonary ventilation following cardiac arrest and apnea, using artificial respiration and manual closed-chest compression or open-chest cardiac massage.
- mouth-to-mouth r. mouth-to-mouth respiration (q.v.) employed as part of emergency cardiopulmonary r..

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re·sus·ci·ta·tion ri-.səs-ə-'tā-shən, rē- n an act of resuscitating or the state of being resuscitated <\resuscitation by means of artificial respiration or cardiac massage> see CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION

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the restoration of a person who appears to be dead. It depends upon the revival of cardiac and respiratory function. See also artificial respiration, mouth-to-mouth respiration.

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re·sus·ci·ta·tion (re-sus″ĭ-taґshən) [L. resuscitare to revive] the restoration to life or consciousness of one apparently dead; it includes such measures as artificial respiration and cardiac massage.

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