1. Quiet; repose. [A.S. raest] 2. To repose; to cease from work. [A.S. raestan] 3. A group of cells or a portion of fetal tissue that has become displaced and lies embedded in tissue of another character. [L. restare, to remain] 4. In dentistry, an extension from a prosthesis that affords vertical support for a restoration.
- adrenal r. SYN: accessory adrenal.
- bed r. maintenance of the recumbent position, in bed, to minimize activity and help recovery from disease; formerly used extensively in treatment of tuberculosis, myocardial infarction, and other diseases.
- cingulum r. the rigid part of a removable partial denture supported by a prepared r. area on the cingulum of an anterior tooth or crown.
- incisal r. the portion of a removable partial denture supported by an incisal edge.
- lingual r. a metallic extension onto the lingual surface of a tooth to provide support or indirect retention for a removable partial denture.
- Marchand r. SYN: Marchand adrenals, under adrenal.
- mesonephric r. SYN: wolffian r..
- occlusal r. a rigid extension of a removable partial denture onto the occlusal surface of a posterior tooth for support of the prosthesis.
- precision r. a r. consisting of closely interlocking parts.
- rests of Serres remnants of dental lamina epithelium entrapped within the gingiva.
- Walthard cell r. a nest of epithelial cells occurring in the peritoneum of the uterine tubes or ovary; when neoplastic, possibly comprising one of the components of the Brenner tumor.
- wolffian r. remnants of the wolffian duct in the female genital tract that give rise to cysts; e.g., Gartner cyst. SYN: mesonephric r..
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Raynaud's phenomenon, esophageal motor dysfunction, sclerodactyly, and telangiectasia [syndrome]; regressive electroshock therapy; Restenosis Stent Trial

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rest 'rest n
1) a state of repose or sleep see BED REST
2) cessation or temporary interruption of motion, exertion, or labor <\rest from hard physical effort> <a ten-minute \rest period>
3) a bodily state (as that attained by a fasting individual lying supine) characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities <the patient must have complete \rest>
4) the part of a partial denture that rests on an abutment tooth, distributes stresses, and holds the clasp in position
5) a firm but moldable cushion used to raise or support a portion of the body during surgery <a kidney \rest>
rest vi
1) to get rest by lying down esp SLEEP
2) to cease from action or motion: refrain from labor or exertion vt to give rest to <\rest your eyes>
rest n a mass of surviving embryonic cells or of cells misplaced in development <most tumors derived from embryonic \rests are benign (Shields Warren)>

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(rest) 1. repose after exertion. 2. a fragment of embryonic tissue that has been retained within the adult organism; called also embryonic, epithelial, and fetal r. 3. the part of a removable partial denture that rests on the abutment tooth, and thus prevents movement of the denture and helps in providing occlusal support.

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