A dextrorotatory trisaccharide, occurring in cotton seed and in the molasses of beet root, composed of d-galactose, d-glucose, and d-fructose and formed by transfer of d-galactose from UDP-d-galactose to sucrose; many seeds are rich in r.. SYN: gossypose, melitose, melitriose.

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raf·fi·nose 'raf-ə-.nōs, -.nōz n a crystalline sugar C18H32O16 obtained commercially from cottonseed meal and present in sugar beets and many plant products called also melitose

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raf·fi·nose (rafґĭ-nōs) a nonreducing trisaccharide occurring abundantly in sugar beets and other plants; it is composed of galactose linked α-(1,6) to glucose, which is linked β-(1,2) to fructose. Formerly called melitose.

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