An enzyme capable of catalyzing racemization, i.e., inversions of asymmetric groups; when more than one center of asymmetry is present, “epimerase” is used ( e.g., hydroxyproline, ribulose phosphate).

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rac·e·mase 'ras-ə-.mās n any of various enzymes that catalyze racemizations and occur esp. in bacteria <alanine \racemase>

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ra·ce·mase (raґsə-mās) a term used in the names of some enzymes of the subclass racemases and epimerases [EC 5.1] to denote those that catalyze inversion of the configuration around the asymmetric carbon atom in a substrate having only one center of asymmetry; thus, racemers are interconverted. Cf. epimerase.

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