1. Benzopyridine; 1-benzazine; a volatile nitrogenous base obtained by the distillation of coal tar, bones, alkaloids, etc.; a basic structure of many dyes and drugs; also used as an antimalarial. SYN: chinoleine, leucoline.[b] 2. One of a class of alkaloids based on the q. (1) structure.

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quin·o·line 'kwin-əl-.ēn n
1) a pungent oily nitrogenous base C9H7N that is obtained usu. by distillation of coal tar or by synthesis from aniline and is the parent compound of many alkaloids, drugs, and dyes
2) a derivative of quinoline

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quin·o·line (kwinґo-lēn) a heterocyclic nitrogenous compound comprising a benzene ring linked to one of pyridine, derivable from quinine, coal tar, and various other sources, or synthesized; used as a preservative for anatomical specimens.

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