Any pyogenic infection of the skin; may be primary, as impetigo, or secondary to a previously existing condition. [pyo- + G. derma, skin]
- p. gangrenosum a chronic, noninfective eruption of spreading, undermined ulcers showing central healing, with diffuse dermal neutrophil infiltration; often associated with ulcerative colitis.
- secondary p. a p. in which an existing skin lesion ( e.g., eczema, herpes, seborrheic dermatitis) becomes secondarily infected.
- p. vegetans SYN: dermatitis vegetans.

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pyo·der·ma .pī-ə-'dər-mə also pyo·der·mia -mē-ə n a bacterial skin inflammation marked by pus-filled lesions
pyo·der·mic -mik adj

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pyo·der·ma (pi″o-durґmə) [pyo- + derma] any purulent skin disease. Called also pyodermia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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