Decreased tone of skeletal muscles. In a word, floppiness. Hypotonia is a common finding in cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular disorders. Untreated hypotonia can lead to hip dislocation and other problems. Treatment is via physical therapy. In some cases braces may be needed to permit a full range of movement despite hypotonia.
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1. Reduced tension in any part, as in the eyeball. 2. Relaxation of the arteries. 3. A condition in which there is a diminution or loss of muscular tonicity. SYN: hypotonicity (1), hypotonus, hypotony. [hypo- + G. tonos, tone]
- benign congenital h. nonprogressive h. of unknown etiology in infants and children; other known causes of hyptonia must be excluded.

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hy·po·to·nia .hī-pə-'tō-nē-ə, -pō- n
1) abnormally low pressure of the intraocular fluid
2) the state of having hypotonic muscle tone

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a state of reduced tension in muscle.

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hy·po·to·nia (hi″po-toґne-ə) [hypo- + ton- + -ia] a condition of diminished tone of the skeletal muscles, so that they have diminished resistance to passive stretching and are flaccid; this usually means the nerve supply is compromised. See also atony.

Hypotonia with severe head lag and failure of limbs to flex to counter the upward traction.

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