1. SYN: uroerythrin. 2. A violet stain related to alizarin by addition of a 4-OH group to alizarin; found in madder root and other members of the Rubiaceae; used to detect calcium salts, boron, and as a histologic stain. SYN: alizarin p..

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pur·pu·rin 'pər-pyə-rən n
1) an orange or red crystalline compound C14H8O5 obtained from madder root along with alizarin or by oxidation of alizarin and used in dyeing
2) also pur·pu·rine -rən, -.rēn any of various colored compounds obtained from chlorophyll or related compounds by the action of cold alcoholic alkali and oxygen

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pur·pu·rin (purґpu-rin) 1. a glycoside from madder root that has been used as a nuclear stain; called also alizarin No. 6 and alizarinopurpurin. 2. uroerythrin. 3. purpurine.

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