1. A soft, moist, coherent solid. SYN: pulpa [TA]. 2. SYN: dental p.. 3. SYN: chyme. [L. pulpa, flesh]
- coronal p. SYN: crown p..
- crown p. [TA] that portion of the dental p. contained within the p. chamber or crown cavity of the tooth. SYN: pulpa coronalis [TA], coronal p..
- dead p. SYN: necrotic p..
- dental p. [TA] the soft tissue within the p. cavity, consisting of connective tissue containing blood vessel s, nerves and lymphatics, and at the periphery a layer of odontoblasts capable of internal repair of the dentin. SYN: p. (2) [TA], pulpa dentis [TA], dentinal p., tooth p..
- dentinal p. SYN: dental p..
- digital p. SYN: p. of finger.
- digital p. of hand SYN: p. of finger.
- enamel p. a layer of stellate cells in the enamel organ.
- exposed p. p. that has been exposed or laid bare by a pathologic process, trauma, or a dental instrument.
- p. of finger the fleshy mass on the palmar aspect of the extremity of the finger. SYN: digital p. of hand, digital p., pulpa digiti manus.
- mummified p. a misnomer for a p. treated with a formaldehyde derivative.
- necrotic p. necrosis of the dental p. that clinically does not respond to thermal stimulation; the tooth may be asymptomatic or sensitive to percussion and palpation. SYN: dead p., nonvital p..
- nonvital p. SYN: necrotic p..
- putrescent p. a decomposed p., often infected.
- radicular p. SYN: root p..
- red p. splenic p. seen grossly as a reddish-brown substance, because of its abundance of red blood cells, consisting of splenic sinuses and the tissue intervening between them (splenic cords).
- red p. of spleen [TA] bluish-red tissue that constitutes about 75% of the parenchyma of the spleen; contains a large number of venous sinuses separated by a fibrocellular reticulum rich in fibroblasts and macrophages; on section, has a corded appearance. SYN: pulpa rubra splenica [TA].
- root p. [TA] that part of the dental p. contained within the apical or root portion of the tooth. SYN: pulpa radicularis [TA], radicular p..
- splenic p. [TA] the soft cellular substance of the spleen. SYN: pulpa splenica [TA], pulpa lienis.
- p. of toe [TA] the fleshy mass of the plantar aspect of the distal part of the toe.
- tooth p. SYN: dental p..
- vital p. a p. composed of viable tissue, either normal or diseased, that responds to electric stimuli and to heat and cold.
- white p. that part of the spleen that consists of nodules and other lymphatic concentrations.
- white p. of spleen [TA] aggregations of β lymphocytes visible macroscopically when the fresh spleen is sectioned; they appear as white translucent dots of 1 mm or less that contrast with the surrounding matrix of red p.. SYN: pulpa alba splenica [TA].

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pulp 'pəlp n a mass of soft tissue: as
b) the characteristic somewhat spongy tissue of the spleen
c) the fleshy portion of the fingertip

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1. a soft mass of tissue (for example, of the spleen, in which there is both red pulp and white pulp).
2. the mass of connective tissue in the pulp cavity, at the centre of a tooth. It is surrounded by dentine except where it communicates with the rest of the body at the apex. The pulp within the crown portion of the pulp cavity is described as coronal pulp; that within the root canal is the radicular pulp.
3. the fleshy cushion on the flexor surface of the fingertip.

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(pulp) [L. pulpa flesh] any soft, juicy animal or vegetable tissue, such as the dental pulp or splenic pulp. pulpal adj

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