Azinepurine; benzotetrazine; pyrazino[2,3-d]pyrimidine; a two-ring heterocyclic compound found as a component of pteroic acid and the pteroylglutamic acids (folic acids, pteropterin, etc.); simple p. derivatives ( e.g., xanthopterin, leucopterin) occur as pigments in butterfly wings, whence the name.

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pter·i·dine 'ter-ə-.dēn n a yellow crystalline bicyclic base C6H4N4 that is a structural constituent esp. of various animal pigments

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pter·i·dine (terґĭ-dēn) a bicyclic aromatic nitrogenous compound or the class of compounds containing such a ring structure. Most naturally occurring pteridine derivatives are pterins.

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