An enlargement of nonneoplastic character that clinically resembles a true neoplasm so closely as to often be mistaken for such. SYN: pseudoneoplasm.
- p. cerebri a disorder, commonly associated with obesity in young females, consisting of cerebral edema with narrowed small ventricles but with increased intracranial pressure and, frequently, papilledema.
- inflammatory p. a tumor-like mass in the lungs or other sites, composed of fibrous or granulation tissue infiltrated by inflammatory cells.

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pseu·do·tu·mor or Brit pseu·do·tu·mour -'t(y)ü-mər n an abnormality (as a temporary swelling) that resembles a tumor
pseu·do·tu·mor·al or Brit pseu·do·tu·mour·al -mə-rəl adj

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pseu·do·tu·mor (soo″do-tooґmər) an enlargement that resembles a tumor; it may result from inflammation, accumulation of fluid, or other causes, and may or may not regress spontaneously. Called also pseudoneoplasm and false tumor.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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