: Overheating of the body. This may be due to extreme weather conditions. Unrelieved hyperthermia can lead to collapse and death, particularly in the elderly. Prevention via air conditioning, ventilation, and drinking extra water is the key for vulnerable persons. In emergency cases, injections of saline solution and rapid cooling of the body may be needed. Also known as heatstroke
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Therapeutically induced hyperpyrexia. [hyper- + G. therme, heat]
- malignant h. rapid onset of extremely high fever with muscle rigidity, precipitated by exogenous agents in genetically susceptible persons, especially by halothane or succinylcholine. Cf.:futile cycle. SYN: fulminant hyperpyrexia.

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hy·per·ther·mia .hī-pər-'thər-mē-ə n exceptionally high fever esp. when induced artificially for therapeutic purposes
hy·per·ther·mic -mik adj

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1. exceptionally high body temperature (about 41°C or above). See fever.
2. treatment of disease by inducing fever. Compare hypothermia.

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hy·per·ther·mia (hi″pər-thurґme-ə) [hyper- + therm- + -ia] 1. elevation of core body temperature to above 37.2°C (99°F). 2. the raising of body temperature to between 42°C (107.6°F) and 45° C (113.0°F) for therapeutic purposes. Cf. thermotherapy. hyperthermal, hyperthermic adj

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