Condition characterized by the precocious development of a varying number of the somatic and functional changes typical of puberty; commonly caused by the hormonal secretions of an ovarian tumor (especially ovarian or testicular) and typically arises before the chronologic age of puberty. It does not represent the normal pubertal sequence intiated with hypothalamic-pituitary gonadotropins.
- precocious p. the development of p. in very young children; commonly characterized by secretion of gonadal hormones, without stimulation of gametogenesis.

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pseu·do·pu·ber·ty (soo″do-puґbər-te) development of secondary sex characters and accessory reproductive organs without pubertal levels of gonadotropins and gonadotropin-releasing hormone, most often as a result of the release of steroid hormones by an adrenocortical or gonadal tumor; it may be either isosexual or contrasexual.

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