1. SYN: false pregnancy. 2. A condition in which symptoms resembling those of pregnancy are present, but which is not pregnancy; occurs after sterile copulation in mammalian species in which copulation induces ovulation, and also in dogs, in which the estrous cycle includes a marked luteal phase.

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pseu·do·preg·nan·cy .süd-ō-'preg-nən-sē n, pl -cies a condition which resembles pregnancy: as
b) an anestrous state resembling pregnancy that occurs in various mammals usu. after an infertile copulation
pseu·do·preg·nant -nənt adj

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pseu·do·preg·nan·cy (soo″do-pregґnən-se) 1. false pregnancy. 2. the premenstrual stage of the endometrium; so called because it resembles the endometrium just before implantation of the blastocyst.

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