A temporary protoplasmic process, put forth by an ameboid stage or amebic protozoan for locomotion or for prehension of food. SYN: pseudopod. [pseudo- + G. pous, foot]

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pseu·do·po·di·um .süd-ə-'pōd-ē-əm n, pl -dia -ē-ə
1) a temporary protrusion or retractile process of the cytoplasm of a cell (as a unicellular organism or a white blood cell of a higher organism) that functions esp. as an organ of locomotion or in taking up food
2) one of the ameboid protrusions of the active plasmodium of a slime mold

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n. (pl. pseudopodia)
a temporary and constantly changing extension of the body of an amoeba or an amoeboid cell (see phagocyte). Pseudopodia engulf bacteria and other particles as food and are responsible for the movements of the cell.

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pseu·do·po·di·um (soo″do-poґde-əm) pl. pseudopoґdia [L., from pseudo- + Gr. pous foot] a temporary cytoplasmic extrusion by means of which an ameba or other ameboid organism or cell moves about or engulfs food. See also axopodium, filopodium, lobopodium, and reticulopodium.

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