Excessive sweating. Hidrosis meaning sweating, so hyperhidrosis is too much sweating.
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Excessive or profuse sweating. SYN: polyhidrosis, sudorrhea. [hyper- + hidrosis]
- gustatory h. excessive sweating of the lips, nose, and forehead after eating certain foods; it is physiologic in many persons, but sometimes occurs after parotid surgery or as a result of damage to the parasympathetic or sympathetic nerves of the head and neck.

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hy·per·hi·dro·sis -hid-'rō-səs, -hī-'drō- also hy·peri·dro·sis -id-'rō-, -ī-'drō- n, pl -dro·ses -.sēz generalized or localized excessive sweating compare HYPOHIDROSIS

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excessive sweating, which may occur in certain diseases, such as thyrotoxicosis or fevers, or following the use of certain drugs. More commonly, however, there is no underlying cause for this condition. There are many successful treatments, including anticholinergic drugs, injections of botulinum toxin, and selective surgical sympathectomy.

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hy·per·hi·dro·sis (hi″pər-hĭ-droґsis) [hyper- + Gr. hidrōsis sweating] excessive sweating. Called also hyperidrosis and polyhidrosis.

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