1. The state of being thrust forward or projected. 2. In dentistry, a position of the mandible forward from centric relation. [L. protrusio]
- bimaxillary p. the excessive forward projection of both the maxilla and the mandible in relation to the cranial base. SYN: double p..
- bimaxillary dentoalveolar p. the positioning of the entire dentition forward with respect to the facial profile.
- double p. SYN: bimaxillary p..

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pro·tru·sion prō-'trü-zhən n
1) the quality or state of protruding <the \protrusion of a jaw>
2) something (as an anatomical part) that protrudes

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1. forward movement of the lower jaw.
2. a malocclusion in which some of the teeth are further forward than usual. Compare retrusion.

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pro·tru·sion (pro-trooґzhən) [L. protrudere to push forward] 1. extension beyond the usual limits, or above a plane surface. 2. the state of being thrust forward or laterally, as in masticatory movements of the mandible; see also subentries under projection.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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