Accumulation of fluid in the coat around the testis. Small hydroceles tend to disappear by a year of age while larger hydroceles may persist and warrant surgery.
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A collection of serous fluid in a sacculated cavity; specifically, such a collection in the space of the tunica vaginalis testis, or in a separate pocket along the spermatic cord. [hydro- + G. kele, hernia]
- cervical h. a cyst formed by secretion into a persistent duct or fissure of the neck; when it involves lymph channels, it is usually a lymphangioma. SYN: h. colli.
- h. colli SYN: cervical h..
- communicating h. associated with patent processus vaginalis.
- congenital h. a collection of fluid in the patent processus vaginalis leading from the abdominal cavity to the investing sac of the testis.
- cord h. isolated h. of spermatic cord. SYN: funicular h..
- Dupuytren h. bilocular h. in which the sac fills the scrotum and also extends into the abdominal cavity beneath the peritoneum.
- h. feminae accumulation of serous fluid in the labium majus or in Nuck canal. SYN: Nuck h..
- filarial h. h. due to microfilaria (chiefly of Wuchereria bancrofti) in the tunica vaginalis.
- funicular h. SYN: cord h..
- noncommunicating h. cord or scrotal h. without communication to peritoneal cavity because processus vaginalis is not patent.
- Nuck h. SYN: h. feminae.

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hy·dro·cele 'hī-drə-.sēl n an accumulation of serous fluid in a sacculated cavity (as the scrotum)

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the accumulation of watery liquid in a sac, usually the sac surrounding the testes. This condition is characterized by painless enlargement of the scrotum; it is treated surgically, by drainage of the fluid or removal of the sac.

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hy·dro·cele (hiґdro-sēl) [hydro- + -cele1] a circumscribed collection of fluid, especially a collection of fluid in the tunica vaginalis testis or along the spermatic cord.

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