The first stage in the aquatic life cycle of certain tapeworms, such as the pseudophyllideans (family Diphyllobothriidae), following ingestion of the newly hatched larva (coracidium) by a copepod (water flea). The p. develops into a tailed larva in the body cavity of the crustacean first intermediate host; when the p. and its host are ingested by a fish, the p. enters the new host's tissues and becomes a plerocercoid. SEE ALSO: Diphyllobothrium latum, Pseudophyllidea. [pro- + G. kerkos, tail, + eidos, resemblance]

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pro·cer·coid (')prō-'sər-.kȯid n the solid first parasitic larva of some tapeworms that develops usu. in the body cavity of a copepod

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pro·cer·coid (pro-surґkoid) one of the larval stages of fish tapeworms.

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